Going Green

We care!
 As a mommy of two little ones, owner Heather is vigilant to do as much as possible to ensure a greener earth and a place her children can be proud of. Not to mention, as a small business owner, Heather strives to make a positive impact through her work. Going green is a small step we at Stems take every single day to make a difference.


We recycle!
Stems makes it a priority to recycle packaging, boxes, broken glass and other products. Landfills are filling faster than ever and it is our responsibility to look out for the next generations.


We reuse!
At Stems, we use floral packaging to transport our finished products. Cardboard boxes are repurposed into transportation vehicles for heavy vases.
Flower water from our buckets is used to nourish the soil in which we grow new flowers, plants and greenery.
Our clients often will return floral vases back to Stems. We are able to then repurpose them and save money for our future clients.


We conserve!
Floral lighting in our coolers are only used during business hours. We clean our coolers on a weekly basis and turn their power completely off in between each event. Such measures ensure to save energy as well as help to keep our pricing affordable.


We compost!
Stems composts brown and green products with each event we serve. This compost is then used to nourish our widely growing selection of plants.


We grow!
Stems grows a good amount of their floral product on site. We offer a variety of home-grown herbs, greenery, berries and an assortment of florals. These plants are non-chemically treated and grown in organic, Georgia soil. Local plants are used year round.

We ensure!
Now more then ever, flower importers from across the world are held to very strict flower regulations. Many of our growers advertise alliances with such association as Veriflora and the Rainforest Alliance. These associations make it their priority to ensure socially as well as environmentally responsible practices.