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Here at Stems Atlanta, we are wrapping up wedding season. During this busy time, we wanted to take a step back and talk about something very important to us. We are so fortunate to be able to do something we love. At the cornerstone of Stems Atlanta, is our desire to give back to the community. One of our greatest pleasures is having the ability to give back to the community. Its our passion to help out not only financially but with our time and flowers as well.

Recently we created floral arrangements and decorated for a charity Passover Seder. It took our whole crew and 20 volunteers three full days to decorate for this event where there were over 240 guests and 40 tables!

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By hanging draperies from the ceiling in sheer white we transformed the gymnasium into a beautiful event space. We also brought in linen treatments for the tables and chose a simple yet elegant color palate of black and white. We really wanted the florals to be a splash of color!

Because seder took place in a gymnasium we wanted to create a feeling of elegance and fantasy. In order to transform the room we created an elaborate stairwell decoration involving hanging fabric runners and candles that gave off an ethereal feel and showed the guests how to enter the beautiful space.

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In the center of the space, we designed a large floral display which included a painted tree dripping with crystals surrounded by a bed of florals in white, pinks and touches of purple.

"Stems Atlanta" "Seder Passover" "Center Piece" "Floral" "Florist" "Atlanta" "Georgia"

The head table was lined with candlelight at various heights and flowers were tucked into the display to tie everything together. As a finishing touch we collaborated with Print Peppermint to design menu cards for each guest as the perfect addition to their place setting.

This event was truly a massive undertaking for us, but we loved every minute of it! It’s always a wonder to see your creations come to life. It makes it that much more special when we know that our work is going towards a worthy cause making us doubly proud of what we do!

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