January 27, 2017

Why you should consider a winter wedding | Atlanta, GA | Atlanta wedding florist

There’s just something about winter weddings. They speak romance, love, warmth and timelessness all in one. When you begin planning your Atlanta wedding, consider having it in the winter months. There are many perks to what is considered an “off-season wedding” and it should not be over looked! Some might think that having a winter wedding is too much work to prepare for especially when trying to find a gown that fits (from somewhere like however, it does have it’s own appeal.

Yes, getting married in the warmer months does have it’s attraction. An outdoor ceremony is always beautiful among the lush greenery and blooming florals/trees. Guests can dance the night away in an outdoor tent under cafe lights or have cocktails on the patio in the warm sun.

But let’s be real. It gets realllllllllllly hot in Georgia.

These beautiful days and evenings are short-lived by the sweltering southern sun. Many a wedding is spent sweating in the heat as the couple exchanges their “i do’s.” There is a large amount of lemonade consumption and most guests find themselves escaping the outdoor festivities to the cooler indoor sanctuaries.

Here are five reasons that you should consider a winter wedding.

1. The weather

The average daytime summer temperature is 90 degrees. Yikes!!! Your guests will actually thank you for having an indoor wedding where it is warm and cozy on a frigid day. Most winter weddings will occur indoors. Photography is also a big part of your day and winter themes always look great in photos. You’ll want to cherish your photos forever. Not to mention your guests will look super cute in their winter outfits in your style photographs. This automatically rules out the wedding week’s stress of inclement weather on an outdoor ceremony. Instead, you can focus your time and energy to seeing your out-of-town guests, attending bridal showers and getting ready to marry the person of your dreams!

2. The cost

Weddings can be downright expensive. While budgeting is always a good idea, most brides end up finding themselves spending more than they would have originally anticipated. Winter weddings can be very budget-friendly. Because wedding professionals typically book less weddings in the winter, they are more likely to offer better deals in the off season. This could mean anything from discounts on the price of booking your venue to discounts or complimentary items/services from booking your vendors.

3. Travel and vacation

If you are a working bride, you know how difficult it can be to get time off from work for wedding planning, wedding prep days and even the wedding week itself. If you plan your wedding over a holiday week, this burden is automatically relieved. Most companies offer time off for holidays and you don’t need to even ask or use up those precious vacation days. Your guests will usually have the same sentiment. They won’t be worried about making your ceremony on time while beating rush hour traffic. They can ease into the day just like you are and everyone wins!

4. It’s unexpected

Since most of your friends will be having those summer soirees, your wedding will automatically stand out and be unique. Friends will be talking about your big day for years to come because it was something different and memorable. Offer guests hot chocolate upon arrival. Throw some warm winter blankets across the ceremony seats. Have a s’mores roasting station as part of your desert bar. The list goes on and on of a million different ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest.

5. The flowers, of course!

Winter brings on a slew of possibilities in the floral world. Some of my absolute favorites come to life in the winter months and I consider my “off season brides” so lucky! I cannot recommend enough that you speak to a well known photographer. I have a couple I could recommend, you can find out here why Kyle is my favourite wedding photographer and why you should make every effort to find a photographer you like to capture these beautiful flowers and your big day! Here are are just a few of my absolute favorite winter blooms…

heleborewinter wedding flowers- hellebore | |

tulipsWinter wedding flowers- tulips | |

anemonewinter wedding flowers- anemone | |


winter wedding flowers- amaryllis | |


winter wedding flowers- muscari | |

Floral pictures in this post: Fifty Flowers

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