June 3, 2017

Why we love using foraged blossoms and greenery in our arrangements.

If you were anything like we were as children, you may have spent hours outdoors picking wildflowers—putting them in your hair, turning them into fashion accessories, or using the petals to determine whether he/she loved you or loved you not. This is not an unusual thing to do as a child, but it does seem to be something people often grow out of at some point in their lives.

Well, not surprisingly, we never grew out of it.

We love all kinds of flowers and what each one can add to an arrangement, but we have a certain soft spot for the things which grow naturally right here in Georgia. In fact, we even go foraging for native blossoms and greenery to use in our creations. It’s one of the things we do that sets us apart.

queen annes lace wildflower

The experience is not unlike hunting for hidden gems at a flea market; we will scour the local forests and fields in search of beautiful and interesting elements to add to a design. We’ve even been known to ask a neighbor for a bloom or two! Finding something is like discovering buried treasure—yes, we enjoy it that much. And while we never know exactly what we’ll find or what it will inspire, in the end, we’re always left with a display that could not exist anywhere else in the world but here.


Why use foraged plants?

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love incorporating local, wild elements into our arrangements:


1.   They grow naturally in Georgia.

The idea of seasonal and local is very popular with food these days, but it’s less talked about when it comes to flowers. Well, we talk about it but that’s different—flowers are our passion. By using what nature provides, be it Wild Millet, Blackberry bush vines, Queen Anne’s Lace, Honeysuckle, or a large variety of seasonal greens, we are able to create an arrangement which captures the essence of one particular region and time of year. There’s something pretty cool about that, like a snapshot of the present moment.

honeysuckle wildflower


2.   They transform ‘the usual’ into ‘the unique’.

Wildflowers and greens grow when they want, where they want, and how they want. We can’t put in a ‘custom order’ for nature, so we simply accept the gifts it provides. But this is one of the things we love so much about it! When we incorporate foraged products into an arrangement it ensures that each client’s design is completely unique unto them. No two looks will ever be the same.

wildflower arrangement


3.   This year, ‘Greenery’ is the new black.

Every year, Pantone selects a color which symbolizes the current trends in fashion, art, and design. Fittingly, this year’s color is ‘greenery’, and it represents the great outdoors, vitality, and the rejuvenating power of nature. When it comes to floral design, what is more natural than, well, nature? By using foraged plants, we can instantly achieve that organic, natural look that everyone is after, while still producing a work of art that is one-of-a-kind.

wild blackberry bush vines


4.   They add a romantic element to designs.

There’s a reason we often associate the past with romanticism; quieter, simpler times where conversations happened face to face, love letters were an art form, and you used only what you had around you—no importing, no Amazon. When we use wildflowers in our bouquets and centerpieces, it does something almost magical… it adds an organic freedom that seems to transport us to another time. At least, that’s how we feel. What might first begin as something modern and sophisticated, can immediately become whimsical, bold, and romantic with the addition of just one or two wild blooms. And who couldn’t use a little more romance at a wedding?

foraged bouquet
So in case we weren’t clear on our feelings, we are quite passionate about foraging. We say YES to local flowers and wild greens—bring on the warm and fuzzy feelings, the childlike sense of wonder, the bold uniqueness, and the weak-in-the-knees romantic sensation that wildflowers represent. A bit over the top? Perhaps.

But that’s our opinion, what’s yours? What do you love about wildflowers and which are your favorites?

our work



in Pink

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our work



in Purple

-Beautiful bouquet of flowers in a glass vase
-Essie polish
-Roses and Rose´candy bar by Compartes
-Lavender Lemongrass body bar by The Little Flower Soap Co.
-Keepsake white gift box
-Blank Card

our work



in Peach


-Beautiful bouquet of flowers in a glass vase
-Eucalyptus-lavender candle in a gold tin by Slow North
-12 pack writing pencils by Rifle Paper Co.
-Stationary by Rifle Paper Co.
-Keepsake white gift box
-Blank Card

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