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Every year Pantone, the color gurus, announce a color(s) of the year. This projection not only affects the fashion and design industries, but it also greatly influences our brides and what color palettes they choose to make their wedding day beautiful. This year, the color they have selected is called Greenery. pantone greenery |

I must say I am particularly fond of the color of the year because it is near and dear to my heart.

I have always loved nature and the outdoors. As a little girl, I would spend countless hours riding my bike around the neighborhood and scavenging my neighbor’s unusual plants for my collection. I loved seeing the different shapes of each leaf and feeling their various textures in my hands.  It never ceased to amaze me how no two were alike…even from the same plant.  They all took on a unique and individual characteristic all their own. My mom would always ask why I kept bringing “weeds” into the house. To me they were beauty! I saw my world a little differently. 🙂


little girl picking flowers

I feel like this love of nature and gardening really brought me to the floral style I have today. I love to mix textures and shades of greenery accented with beautiful blossoms to create stunning bouquets and centerpieces.  There is just something special about how various types of greenery can transform a flower. It’s almost as if the greenery serves as the stage. That stage can be filled with props and backdrops or be very simple and elegant. The scene set on the stage really determines the feel and nature of the design.

Florals by Stems Atlanta | Photo by Harper Noel Photography | peach, merlot, blush centerpieceWith all of my designs, I actually choose the greenery first. I make sure that I have on hand or can forage the exact look to help me achieve my client’s look that they are going for. I look for various textures and shades of greenery that compliment one another. I choose them by their natural bend, their shape, and even their imperfections. Then, when inserting them in to my design, I follow their lead. I look for how they want to lay or drape. I let the greenery speak to me by how it moves. Yes, I am a crazy plant lady! But, I truly believe if you allow your designs to move and flex with how they would naturally in their environment, they will take on a certain life of their own.Florals by: Stems Atlanta; Photo by: Lauren Carnes Photography | Wedding centerpiece - garden style

Then comes the flowers. Of course I love this part as well! Each bloom is hand selected and placed within the weave of greens to make sure it is set to the perfect backdrop. Some greens highlight the blooms and others actually take center stage and give the drape or swag that the arrangement needs to speak movement.

Finally, I add finishing touches of greens again! Yes, more greens. I make sure that everything maintains an airy and loose feel and that any vines that may have gotten tucked in are brought back to the front to highlight the florals around them.

So, get yourself outside. Pick 3 different textures of greenery and start playing.

Let them move, bend, twirl. Hold them in your hands or arrange them in a skinny vase. You don’t even need to add any florals. (Yes, I said it!) You will be amazed by how much you learn about the world around you and how differently you look at your environment.

Check out this really cool chart on various greenery textures from Fifty Flowers. Maybe on your wedding flower consultation, you can suggest greenery textures you like as well as flowers.  Make yourself a floral smarty pants. 🙂 | greenery types for wedding arrangements | fifty flowers



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